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Welcome to Tutor Zone, here you can find some frequently asked question by tutor and students.

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FAQs for Students and Parents:

  • Do I have to be member to search for a tutor in my area?

    No, you do not have to be a member on Tutor Zone to search for a tutor in your area. Just put in your specific search criteria and search for the tutor in your area.

    However, you do have an option of using our express services by clicking on the express service tab and follow the instructions. We will send you a list of all the tutors who closely match to your request. The list will give you a chance to go through the profile of each tutor and help you to narrow down your list and make a final decision.

  • How to find a Tutor?

    You can find a tutor in for simple steps:

    1. Click on “Find a Tutor” tab or go to our home page.
    2. Select Subject, location and other search criteria.
    3. Click on “Search Tutor”
    4. Find the most closely match Tutor from the list of tutors who match our criteria.

  • How to Contact tutor?

    You can simply click on the “Send Email” button to send an email message to the tutor. You can also contact the tutor via phone provided tutors have advertised their contact phone number in there profile.

    If you choose to send email message to tutor, your email message will be forwarded to the tutor instantly and tutor will call you back to discuss their availability and answer you queries if any or arrange meeting with you if you want to discuss details face to face.

  • What questions should I ask Tutor?

    Our tutor profiles are generally completed and provide answer to all the questions of concern. Still here are a few recommended questions to get you started on your way to finding the perfect tutor for you:

    1. How many years of experience do you have tutoring?
    2. Do you have formal teaching experience?
    3. What subject matters do you specialize in?
    4. Do you work with specific grades only?
    5. Have you tutored other students my age?
    6. Do you provide lessons from your home or do you come to the homes of your students?
    7. How many lessons do you typically recommend to see a noticeable improvement?
    8. Do you provide any free trail classes?
    9. What are you rates?

  • What happens if I don’t receive any reply back from tutor?

    Tutors are usually very busy and at times. This could cause some delays in replying back to you email request. The common reasons for delays are that tutors are on vacation or do not have access to their email. Some tutors have stopped tutoring or very busy with their current schedule.

    Please give sufficient time for tutors to reply you back. If tutors do not reply back or you are in urgent need of a tutor, please try another tutor.


FAQs for Tutors:

  • How to Register for an Account on Tutor Zone?

    All account registrations on Tutor Index are completely free of charge. Just click on the “Sign Up” tab on the home screen or “Register Now” going to the Account log in page.

    On the Register page, you will be prompted to choose the type of account you'd like to sign up for: Tutor or Student. Select a 'Tutor' account if you are an advertiser or a 'Student' account if you are a non-advertiser. Just fill the some basic information on the registration form and click on “Sign Me Up”.

    Once you finish submitting registration you will receive a notification email from us confirming your registration. You can then log in and start using all the features available to you. Tutor Zone we give full flexibility to our customers to complete their information and modify their accounts whenever they wish to. Our Profile complete percentage metre helps you to complete your profile and tells you when it is 100% completed.

  • What types of advertising options are available?

    All sign up on Tutor Zone are completely free of charge and has no monthly or annually fees to have an accounts.

    The all Tutor Zone listing include:

    1. Listing Title
    2. Personalized Profile
    3. Profile Picture
    4. Twitter and Facebook Connectivity links.
    5. Rate per hour
    6. Attachment options
    7. Education and Experience
    8. Personal and Experience Descriptions
    9. Subjects Covered
    10. Regions Covered

  • How to add listing on Tutor Zone?

    To add a tutor listing on Tutor Zone, first you must be a registered user. Tutor registration is free of charge and you may begin the process by clicking on “I am Tutor” tab on top menu and like register now. Or just click on “Sign up” button on the home page. Once you have registered with us your listing gets activated. Login in to you account to complete your personal details and relevant experience that should be displayed in you listing. You can always modify your listing by logging on to your account by clicking “Login” tab on top right of the screen.

  • My Subject is not listed?

    If you would like to list your services on our website but your specialized subject is not included in our database, simply choose the closest subject that matches your subject discipline. Remember, you can always specify you speciality subject in the description within you listing profile.

    Please also send any suggestion via email ( for specific subject you want us to add into the subject database. We will review the subject and try our best to add the subject to our database, you can always update your listing to add that subject later.

  • How much time it takes the listing to get activated?

    Once you go through our registration process and submit you registration by clicking “Sign Me Up” you instantly receive an email confirming you registration with Tutor Zone.

    You listing also get activated instantly and provided only basic information provided in the registration form. You need to log in to your account to complete your information for more effective listing.

  • Do I have to visit my account regularly to get higher listing?

    All listings are based on the search criteria of the student. All the search results are listed in a relevant order. All accounts created on tutor zone are lifetime accounts and never gets deleted from our database unless a special request is send by the owner of that account.

    Thus in order to get higher listing it is important to update account regularly with as much information as possible. Number of visit does not determine the listing order of search criteria.


For any other enquiry or question please send an email to

Tutor Zone Team.